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With This Life 

Suzanne Vaartstra (2020) Single

I wrote this song for my album "The Dark Threads" back in 2016 - but in the Spring of 2020 I had a dream about this song. In the dream, I was singing it as a ballad... a farewell song to an old life. I truly believe this was the version "With This Life" was meant to be - so I released it as a single that same year. It's ok if you like the original version better, of course. But this version comes from a deep place in my heart and I'm proud to it. 

Just Me & You

Suzanne Vaartstra (2022) Single

I wrote this song for my husband for our 25th anniversary. This was a special one for me, in that I crafted it so that it would resonate with him in a meaningful way. Likely the oddest love song you may have heard? But to us - it's everything and describes our journey beautifully. Hope you enjoy!

The Dark Threads

Suzanne Vaartstra (May 2017)

The Dark Threads is my first full length album as a singer/songwriter. Ten original songs from my heart and soul to yours.

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Release Date: May 2017

See Amid the Winter's Snow

Suzanne Vaartstra (2010)

There are twelve beautifully arranged Christmas carols on this full length instrumental album. The blend of piano and folk instruments with a Celtic flavor throughout makes this album a must have in your Christmas collection.

Genre: Contemporary/Celtic/Folk

Release Date: 2010

He Restores My Soul

Suzanne Vaartstra (2009)

Soothing and uplifting instrumental music with mixes of folk, jazz and Celtic beautifully blended together.

Genre: Contemporary/Jazz/Folk

Release Date: 2009

CD - FINAL Insert (Front).jpg

See Amid the Winter's Snow-Single

Suzanne Vaartstra (2019) Single

Merry Christmas 2019! Here's a new release of the Christmas song - "See Amid the Winter's Snow". It's an upbeat, joyful, 'get your feet moving'  rendition!

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