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Suzanne's Journey

On the journey to life and light...

My name is Suzanne Vaartstra (pronounced: 'vart - strah') and I'm a singer/songwriter from Edmonton, AB, Canada (currently living in St. Albert, AB). I'm an Alberta girl through and through!

I love pop/contemporary music with jazz/folk influences. I also love writing, creating, and listening to music that moves my heart and reaches those deep places in our souls.

Here's a little bit about my musical journey:

I have been playing piano for over 35 years now. I couldn't wait to get my little hands on a piano! I was classically trained for many years and then attended the Jazz Music program at Grant MacEwan College (GMCC) in Edmonton, AB as a piano major. I am also a percussionist specializing in djembe and cajón in the contemporary style.

My time at GMCC changed my  life, musically speaking, and was the springboard from which my creativity and song writing began.  

Since graduating GMCC in 1994 with majors in both Music Composition and Recording Arts, I have completed three full length albums. The first two were instrumental albums:
- "He Restores My Soul"  (Released 2009)
- "See Amid the Winter's Snow"  (Released 2010)
Both albums were nominated for a GMA Covenant Award for 'Instrumental Album of the Year'. That blew my mind! And I am so thankful to have had my music make it to the ears of the amazing people at the Gospel Music Association in Canada!

My most recent project, "The Dark Threads" (released May 2017), is my first full length album as a singer/songwriter and I won 'Jazz/Blues Album of the Year' at the GMA Covenant Awards in Canada in 2018.

I spent about five years writing the songs... pouring out my heart and soul trying to capture the journey I have been on. My desire is to share that journey through music and lyrics with as many people as I can to both encourage and uplift.  

I continue to write songs and share them... whether they are shared at church during a worship service, with friends in a quiet setting/ coffee shop or on YouTube.
Even though I have been making music my whole life, in many ways this is a new beginning for me!

May you find healing and encouragement as you listen to "The Dark Threads", and know that you are not alone on your journey.

Much Love,

Suzanne Vaartstra

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